4 Great Interior Design Ideas for Beginners

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If you’ve just moved into a new home and can’t afford an interior designer in London then the following four design ideas might help to get you started. Some of the tips are listed because they can help to transform the look of a place even when you don’t have much money to spend on interior designers in London.


1. Colour Makes a Difference

An interior designer in London will tell you that olour is all important for interior design ask any interior designers in London. The best advice, particularly if you are short of money is to have one main and one contrasting colour in a room, take a look at some of the interior design in London. When you are choosing flooring and accessories for a room, it’s a good idea to use different tones of the same main colours. If, for example, you want dark green curtains to match your green feature wall, then choose cushion covers in muted stripes of differing shades of green. Colour matching in this way, brings a look together.

2. Window Dressing

When it comes to windows, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom, ditch the curtains and go for multi-coloured roller blinds instead. The latest blinds are often made from wipe clean plastic so they are much easier to maintain than heavy curtains. Make your windows look good, and it can change the look of the whole room.

3. Floors

Many homes now have wooden or laminate floors, take a look at some of the interior design in London (http://interiordesign.net). Hard flooring is often easier to clean, but it can look a bit cold during the winter. Dress up your floor with a patterned rug in colours that work well with the rest of your soft furnishings.

4. When You’re Broke

There are times for most of us when much as we might like to give our home a makeover, money is really tight. If you don’t have a lot to spend, instead of papering or painting a complete room, just paint one wall. You’ll be surprised at the difference such a small change can make. If you have net or lace curtains at your windows, make sure that they are clean and fresh looking. Give your dining room a dash of colour with a vase of beautiful flowers in the middle of the table.

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