Electric bikes for everyone

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e bikes or electric bikes are big business, and are becoming more and more popular across Europe and the United States in particular. This is due mainly because of the advantages in terms of the fitness of the rider, the avoidance of fuel costs, advantages with parking and the fact that it is an ethical solution to transport for those who worry about climate change. Most of all though, an e bike is also fun to ride!

Types of e bikes

Many people are surprised to know that e bikes have actually been around since the turn of the 19th century. Since then they have come in and out of fashion, but have really taken off in recent times. A lot of e bikes work by having a battery on the cross bar of what looks to be a normal push bike, with the rider pushing the pedals as normal, but being assisted by the battery at the same time. The battery usually then charges as the rider goes down hill. Some e bikes do require charging, but these are the more sophisticated, powerful bikes. Some electric bikes do more closely resemble a moped than a push bike. One of the advantages however is that legislation in most countries treats e bikes as push bikes and not as mopeds, however sophisticated they are. This means that they are easy to buy and start using.

Finding an e bike

E bikes can be found in abundance on the internet and at major bike stockists. It really is important to fully understand the type of bike that you are buying before you start using it. Make sure that you ask plenty of questions at the retailer. Most retailers will be happy to give you a comprehensive lessons in electric bikes before you go ahead and purchase.