Glass Showers

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Whatever happened to plastic, floral-patterned curtains and a simple one-speed nozzle for the morning shower? Gone are the days of trying to prevent the plastic curtain sticking to your back and the dreaded chore of cleaning the grime and scum off the darned things! Nowadays, glass showers reign supreme and rightly so as they not only look good but are warmer, more stylish and easier to maintain.
A glass shower will enhance the appearance of even the smallest and most basic of bathrooms giving it a light airy look and making the room look deceptively larger. Choosing the right shower will depend upon several factors but whichever style and size you choose, a glass shower is a wonderful addition to any bathroom and a worthwhile investment.
Style and Size
From the simplest walk-in stall to an entirely surrounded shower there is a myriad of shower types to choose from and your choice really comes down to budget and space. At the lower end of the scale is a simple glass door on a walk-in stall. These doors can either be framed or frameless.
• Framed. Framed doors are easier to install and less expensive than a solid glass door. On the negative side, the framing needs more regular cleaning as mould and grime can build up in the joins.
• Frameless. Stronger and heavier glass is used in the construction of the solid door which adds to the cost as well as the need to have a frameless shower installed by a professional.
Personal Taste
Depending on the size of your bathroom, showers can be as big or as small as the space dictates and the actual design and layout can be customised to personal taste. You can choose between glass sheets or panels (or a combination) and the glass is available in all the colours of the rainbow. The glass can be either clear, patterned or frosted depending on the affect you want to achieve or for privacy. Glass blocks are also becoming more popular and these can be visually stunning when used to proper effect but are somewhat more expensive than plain glass showers.
A Fresh Start
Whichever style of shower you decide to install, you will be pleased with the final result and even the simplest glass shower will revitalise any bathroom. The problem now is how to keep the rest of the family out of the bathroom!