Use of Cartoning Machines in Food Packaging

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Before packaged foods reach the shelves in retail stores and supermarkets, they have to go through different processes. Packaging is among the last processes in the manufacture of most products. Various food packaging machines are necessary to facilitate the procedures.

Why Use Machines for Cartoning

Cartoning is one of the packaging processes where machines play an essential role. This process involves putting finished products in cartons, which makes them easier to transport. It may seem as though all cartons look the same, but that is not exactly true. There are slight differences in packaging from one manufacturer to another, and the machines in use determine that. The use of machines makes the process more efficient and time-saving. Here are some of the aspects that will differ during cartoning.


The arrangement of products inside a carton may be different from one manufacturer to the next. A manufacturing firm has to decide how it wants bottles, cans, or sachets to lay out in a carton. This arrangement will affect the amount of space that products take up. The design of a cartoning machine will determine this aspect of packaging.


Another aspect that food packaging machines influence during cartoning is the closing method. Cartons come in various styles of lid closing. There is the standard design of closing with end flaps. A manufacturer may also choose to use fold-over lids to seal cartons. When cartoning, there is also the aspect of sealing to consider. A manufacturer must ensure that a carton will not fly open and spill its contents during transit. Glues and heat adhesives are some of the most common methods of sealing cartons. The cartoning machine that a manufacturer uses will determine the type selected.

Picking the Machine

A manufacturer must select a cartoning machine that suits certain requirements. Some food packaging machines are semi-automated while some come full automated. The speed of arranging products in cartons and sealing them will also depend on the machine. It is crucial for manufacturers to educate themselves on the basics of cartoning machines to get the most suitable ones for their food packaging needs.